Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good Morning, Starshine!

Cat lady.

The Earth Says Hello!
Hello, everybody!  I'm an old blogger with a new blog, so I'll just do a quickie introduction.

My name is Torie and I'm a 20 year old geeky girl with an insatiable appetite for bad television and good books. I'm studying as an English major right now at university and I aspire to be a writer of fictional novels that capture the hearts of Oprah and of America!

In the meantime, I'm going to blog about my life, my ventures into beauty, fashion, and most importantly, food. I'm absolutely terrible at beauty and fashion, but that's what blogging is for--looking back at my terrible beauty/fashion decisions and learning from them. And I'm sure you've already seen a million blogs of girls being beautiful, knowing how to perfectly apply makeup and exactly what shoes to wear with what outfit, so I'm pitching a brand new blog to you--a clueless girl who doesn't know how to do anything!  Laugh with me or laugh at me, as I try to learn to be lovely!

Here's a sneak peek at my life as of recently.

Collage 2
Recently, I learned how to apply falsies!  I don't know if the ones I bought are knock-off Ardell lashes or not because I bought them at this beauty supply warehouse, but whatever!  They make it look like I actually have long, luscious lashes, so I love putting them on when I'm not lazy.  I bought another pair of actual Ardell lashes at a non-warehouse (ha!), but when I apply them my eyes look lopsided and droopy.  So sad.  Those are kind of just sitting in my room, untouched, unused, and unloved.

I've also been practicing eyeshadows with my UD Naked palette, but the other day I put it on and I looked like I got punched in the face.  My boyfriend laughed at me!  So I'm watching tutorials and drawing out little diagrams for myself to practice on.  One day I will master it, and when that day comes, it will be glorious.  In the meantime, if you know of any good video tutorials, comment and send them my way!  Self-induced black eyes don't look good on me!

xoxo Torie


  1. 1) Your cats are huge now. :O
    2) Eyelashes! I've got a thing for eyelashes. I just like them lots. On people. And in me. And in general. ._. I don't want to apply fake lashes because I think it's a bother, so I bought one of these super expensive serums to make then thicker and longer. (It was on sale.) And so far I've gotten some results, but it's going sloooowly. Apparently you've got to wait like 4 months or so before it starts properly showing, and so far it's been less than two.
    3) That flower in your nails is so pretty. :3
    4) Yay for a new blog! :D

  2. yayy! gratz on the new blog! you look really cute in the cat lady pic heather ;)

  3. @Lupe, I know! They're huge now and not cute anymore. Womp womp. What are you using? Latisse? And thank you, bb gurl!

    @Jazzy, thank you!

    @HEATHER, BB thank you! <3 New episode of Ru!