Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beach with my Beeches


Grey Days
I had my Spring Break recently and my friends wanted to spend some of it in Santa Barbara to party hard.  We partied...moderately.  HA!  Anyway, they decided that it'd be fun to go to the beach.  Little did we know it was FREEZING out.  My little stick legs were trembling with cold.  No one was at the beach.  It was grey, cloudy, and sad.  Shorts were a bad idea.

Beach Glasses
Beach No Glasses


  1. When I went to LA, I really wanted to go to the beach... but we ended up going to Hollywood instead. It's so different, here in Mexico the beach is sunny and warm all year long. :O But you look good with that outfit! :D

  2. great outfit no matter how chilly it was! x

  3. Cute and casual outfit. Love the vibe of it! (:

  4. Oh totally wish I was beach side the outfit.